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June 20 2014


You need a really good film editing software that suites your needs and that's the reason you're here right?

I will give some tips on the best programs that even the pro's use, and as a matter of fact.. You don't need to be a rocketscientist to use them.I recently start by using videomakerfx software which solves all the video editing problems for me.you can find it here videomaker fx download

I mean you could have shot some amazing film material, but if the editing isn't good it all falls flat.

There are some great film editing programs for macs and there are great film editing programs for PC..

It's all comes down to a matter of style and personal taste. I personally like Macs because they are made for video and image work. PCs are much more allround..

Plus with a Mac, you can run PC programs by using a program called Paralells Desktop.

OK so which program should you use?

Well there are 3 major players that I want to introduce you to, but first I'd like to talk a little about the programs that comes with your computer.

If you have a mac you might already be familliar with a program called iMovie. It's one of the programs that are included with the iWorks package..

This program is good I guess if you are just starting out and editing your smaller family movies. However, you will outgrow this program fast.

The same goes for the program "Windows movie maker" which comes with almost every PC these days. It's also one of those programs that will reach its limit fast and you will end up wanting another program.

Adobe, the First of 3 Major Players

The programs that comes with your computer will do for the amatuer film maker / film editer, but eventually you would want to get programs that can do more, and have more choices.

If you want to take editing to the next level.. you should really check out the beginner adobe products.

Sure "Windows movie maker" and the Mac's iMovie are a good start, but they cannot match up with beginner adobe products.

The program from adobe you should be on the lookout for is called "Adobe Premiere Elements 4" and it's a fantastic software. To bad it only supports Windows.

It's perfect if you are still learning the ropes of editing and it's not so expensive. It costs $99.99 if you buy it directly from adobe.com.

Then if you know what you are doing and want more choices, adobe has a product called Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium. This program is available for both PC and MACs

This software is a little more advanced. You are now entering the level of which some of the contributions to the Sundance Film festival are using for film editing.

For example: Superman ReturnsU2 3DSky Captain and the World of TomorrowOrange County Choppers and "The Aviator" are some of the big movies who used Adobe for editing and special effects..

There are manly two products in the above software that are worth mentioning a little bit extra.

They are:

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional.

These two are really good if you are trying to go from beginner to advanced. The learning curve is a little longer with these two but once you've learned how to use them you can do much more than the beginner Adobe Premier Elements.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 costs $799

Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional costs $999

However, You can get a free 30 day trial of any of these softwares.

These two above are among the softwares that are included in the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium. However it's a little more expensiver..

Creative Suite 3 Production Premium costs $1,699

A Great Film Editing Software From Apple

Apple have developed a great software for movie/film editing. It's called "Final Cut Studio 2" and it's simply great. It's like listening to mozart or beethoven. The program is beautiful and when you work with it seems so natural.

Some of the biggest film companies in hollywood use this software...

The movies 300No country for old menLetters from Iwo Jima and Jarheadare some of the movies that has been edited with Final Cut Studio 2.

This is a very professional software that you can do a lot with. You can either be a pro or an indie filmmaker. This is one of the best softwares out there..

For example:

In Final Cut Studio 2 you will have access to these independent programs..

Final Cut Pro 6

- This is the software that you will use for editing your films.

Motion 3

- With program you can create 3d motion graphics very easily.

Soundtrack Pro 2

- Edit the sound with this software.


- This is the software were you will do you color grading. It's very advanced and you can tweak the colors endlessly.

Compressor 3

- With this program you convert your end result to a wide different formats. For example a video for your ipod.

DVD Studio Pro 4

- Ultimately you may want to get your film on a DVD? This program lets you to create beautiful DVD screen.

You can get these programs individually or the whole Final Cut Studio 2 at apple.

The price is $1,299 and you get a very advanced film editing software that the absolute top professionals are using.


If you've read our tutorial on how to add a YouTube video to your website, you may be interested in customizing your own videos on YouTube. In this article we will look at some excellent YouTube resources that you may not be aware of, including an online video editor provided by YouTube. We'll also show you how to add annotations to your YouTube videos (annotations are those little info bubbles we've all seen on YouTube videos).

Using the YouTube Video Editor

To start with, if you are interested in customizing and enhancing your own video (or any video, for that matter), you will need to use a video editor. While there are many excellent standalone applications out there, there are also some useful online tools that you can use to make your video stand out from the crowd. The YouTube Video Editor is one such tool.

To use the YouTube Video Editor, you must sign into your YouTube (or Google) account. You are able to choose from videos that you have personally uploaded to YouTube or select from hundreds of Creative Commons videos that are copyright free. You are also able to make a selection of music from hundreds of audio tracks that YouTube provides to use along with your video(s).

When you select a video from either your own uploaded videos, or the Creative Commons videos, you are able to view it, or drag it down into the video path below the video listing, as shown below:

Once you've arranged the videos and transitions, you can add an audio track by once again selecting the audio track, just like you did with the videos and transitions, and dragging it into the audio path, which is right below the video path, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Once you're satisfied with your videos and audio selections, you can publish your new video to your own YouTube channel by clicking the publish button on the top right of the page (again, you can see it in the image shown above). Here's what it looks like when it's published:

You can see this video live here. It's not much, but was created using the YouTube editor, and I added a note and an annotation, which is what we're going to discuss next!

How To Add Annotations and Notes To Your YouTube Videos

When you view your video on YouTube, you can click the Edit Video Detail button which is directly above the video itself, on the left side of the screen. Once you do so, you will be able to edit the following details:

  • Title - this is the title that appears in the title bar of the browser, as well as on the page itself
  • Description - this is the description that appears under the video
  • Category - this is the category that the video will appear under when users are browsing YouTube
  • Tags - these are the tags that are used when users are searching for videos
  • License - this is the type of license that the video uses, whether Creative Commons or Standard YouTube License
5 Easy Online video Touch-ups Software Possibilities

besteasyvideoeditingsoftwareRecording your personal video clip is now simpler along with simpler. Nearly all cellular phones get essential video cameras and with sharing systems such as Vimeo along with Metacafe along with programs such as Grape vine, a lot more people have become linked to beginner video generating. If you’re useful to produce your personal videos or even movies, a person don’t have to keep at the beginner degree. A good video modifying plan can make organic video footage in to a top-notch, specialized do the job.

If you are interested in an easy video modifying plan, there are various factors you really need to take into account. For starters, when it comes to choosing a modifying plan, selection will be critical. You will want plan along with a range of unique modifying methods along with options. Touch-ups methods include everything from altering background illumination along with colour shades in order to video clipping. A compelling modifying plan would include modifying methods with regard to audio tracks enhancement, video stabilization, along with textual content putting capabilities. Remember, better the actual modifying systems along with methods utilized, greater specialized your current video will certainly look.

Versatility is additionally an essential factor— ideally, you really need to opt for a plan that is compatible with a number of different record formats to help you do the job within a range of record sorts. A good video modifying plan enables you to import data by virtually any digital camera or even video recorder along with enables you to burn both Dvds along with blu-ray backbone.

While high-tech modifying methods along with versatility are important, a simple to operate program along with beneficial consumer assist can also be critical, particularly when you are interested in an issue that permits uncomplicated work with. It’s some sort of tall get to find video modifying programs along with all of these unique elements, but there are various programs in which rise to the challenge. Let’s examine a number of the top modifying programs with regard to uncomplicated video modifying, suitable for rookies.

1. iMovie

iMovie is just about the least complicated video modifying programs out there. With a couple of clicks and several dropping along with hauling you are able to carryout high-quality edits in which severely enrich the quality of your current video. Sufficient reason for One Action outcomes you are able to utilize a variety of unique modifying techniques in a flash for a full video, along with just one press. The audio tracks modifying capabilities can also be a program high light, along with 21 unique exclusive audio tracks filtration systems in which enable you to quickly edit sounds and in many cases alter voices. iMovie is regarded as some sort of consumer-level modifying application, so it’s not at all difficult to learn.

2. Pinnacle Facilities In addition

Such as iMovie, Pinnacle is additionally regarded as being some sort of consumer-level modifying plan. The idea attributes an easy, user-friendly program, along with methods divided in to several uncomplicated types: record, edit, along with make flick. Unlike many other consumer-level modifying programs, Pinnacle Facilities In addition lets you handle purity, form a contrast, hue, saturation along with audio tracks degrees both ahead of along with throughout record. Touch-ups is done uncomplicated along with a couple of visible settings, storyboard along with timeline, to help you quickly notice your current flick along with make innovative options.

Overall, Pinnacle simplifies the actual modifying procedure. The latest model attributes brand-new PiP regulates, that enable you to put brand-new video in to a already current video. Various other modifying methods add a pot along with focus application, some sort of colour static correction application, along with audio tracks capabilities. In addition, it attributes a number of modifying methods generally solely obtained in much more specialized level modifying programs, which include some sort of chroma critical application.

3. Adobe Premiere Aspects

Adobe Premiere Aspects, in addition regarded some sort of consumer-level modifying plan, is a wonderful solution when it comes to uncomplicated video modifying programs. Basic modifying methods are generally located within the Effects Handle colour pallette. DVD AND BLU-RAY writing is additionally easy along with Adobe Premiere Aspects. This system delivers thirty-three DVD AND BLU-RAY food selection themes and you will in addition design all of them manually. Beyond this, even so, Adobe Premiere Aspects offers more complex modifying options.

It really is value pointing out right here in which Adobe Premiere Aspects is additionally nicely built-in along with additional Adobe programs inside the Adobe Resourceful Suite, which include Adobe Photoshop Aspects. Photoshop is surely an excellent plan (if you’re thinking about learning Photoshop, look into this awesome course on mastering Adobe Photoshop) and yes it can certainly be used in order to edit virtually any impression about the Adobe Premiere Aspects timeline. And so in the event you’re already a Adobe consumer, Adobe Premiere Aspects happens to be a sound solution. If you are looking at learning the way to use the software, it’s undoubtedly value getting this Adobe Premiere Aspects study course.

some. Muvee Disclose By

Extremely intuitive, this can be undoubtedly regarded one of several least complicated to learn systems with regard to brand-new video writers. The user-interface will be divided in to several specific elements: put pictures along with video, opt for a style, along with look at your current flick. It really is value jotting right here in which Muvee Disclose By isn’t a classy since a number of the additional programs on our checklist. Muvee Fundamentally works by “analyzing” the actual organic video footage a person offer the item, choosing the best high quality portions along with establishing all of them in a flick making use of established “styles, ” that incorporate unique outcomes, changes, and many others. Nevertheless you will find modification options that do let you much more innovative liberty. Although, in the event you are interested in one thing incredibly simple and easy make use of, Muvee is a great solution.

5. Camtasia

With Camtasia, you are able to document on-screen activities along with set up the actual video footage in to specialized searching videos. You can even import along with edit videos, audio, along with images along with put interactive information, like in-video quizzing or even in-video hyperlinks. The moment completed, tasks can certainly be exported in order to Expensive or even HTML5, along with observed on Computer systems, Apple computers, iPads, Android os supplements, and a lot Android os smartphones. Camtasia is incredibly user friendly along with suitable for developing advertising and marketing or even short training videos, which could quickly be built-into powerpoint slideshows or even additional varieties of presentations. Although in the event you are looking at developing for a longer time shows or even movies, the item may not be the best option. To know basic fundamentals with the plan, look into this fantastic Camtasia Facilities short training or even this course on Camtasia essentials.
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